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Fire Damage Restoration

The Facts About Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

A house fire can be devastating, and it can leave a range of damage behind. If you’ve recently dealt with a fire, it’s important to utilize professional fire damage restoration services. The first thing that will happen is that an assessment will be done to determine the scale and scope of the damage. In many cases, smoke can actually cause more damage than fire, so you may also need smoke damage restoration. If your walls, furniture, and fixtures show signs of heat or soot damage, the pros can help make things right. A complete assessment will record and document all of the damage for your insurance company to review. Then, the experts will determine exactly what needs to be fixed and what type of work needs to be done to restore your property to its safe, original condition.

Most fire damage restoration involves securing your home via board-up or temporary fencing. The walls, floors, and the roof will be examined and inspected. To protect your home from rain, the roof may need to have a tarp placed over it, if it caught fire and there are visible holes or leaking. Smoke damage restoration involves scrubbing, sanding, and refinishing surfaces to get rid of soot and smoke. Any water damage will also be addressed by pumping out and airing out moisture. Special equipment is used to sanitize everything before reconstruction begins. Some items may need to be disposed of, and then the process of fire damage restoration can begin. All carpets and upholstery will be professionally cleaned to remove soot and smoke. Your home will be repaired according to local building code so you have a safe place to come home to when everything is complete.

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