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Insurance Restoration

Types of Insurance Restoration

There can be many reasons why your home gets damaged, and that’s why you need a quality homeowner’s insurance policy to keep you covered. When it comes to insurance restoration, most policies include a variety of services that will pay to make repairs and reimburse you for things like damaged clothing, furniture, appliances, and more. Read on for the most common forms of insurance restoration that you can use in the event of an emergency.

  • Roof repair can be required if your roof gets damaged from a fire, hurricane, hailstorm, or a falling tree limb. Read your policy carefully to determine which type of roof repair is covered and what type of damage is included in your policy.

  • Some insurance companies will cover the cost to replace additional buildings like sheds, garages, or guest homes. Make sure that your policy covers these outbuildings and if not, ask to have them added so that they can be repaired if they ever get damaged.

  • Almost every type of insurance restoration service includes water-related damage. Floods, leaking plumbing, broken appliances, and major storms can all cause water damage to homes and property. Your insurance company should cover the cost to repair your home as well as water removal and restoration services.

  • Mold can grow and spread in homes that have suffered water damage. Check your policy to make sure that it includes mold removal and remediation. If mold grows in your home, it can cause serious health problems that can be expensive to address.


A fire is a devastating event that can completely destroy your home. In some cases, fire and smoke may cause damage only to specific parts of your home. No matter what, you should ensure that you have insurance restoration that covers the damage caused by soot, smoke, and fire.

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